Towne Park’s “Great Race to Recycle”

Towne Park is leading a race to recycle tickets, bottles, cans and other waste generated at work sites nationwide


Towne Park valets over 6 million vehicles annually using a multi-part ticket for each vehicle parked. The company estimates 28,751,605 pieces of paper are generated annually totaling approximately 57.5 tons. On Earth Day this past spring, the company’s green council “TowneGreen” officially launched an account level recycling program to reduce negative environmental impact. The program not only focuses on tickets, but on other recyclables generated in each market.

While hundreds of locations have successfully implemented this recycling program since, Towne Park’s Seattle, Portland, San Francisco Bay Area, Lake Tahoe, Philadelphia, and Boston locations were the first markets to be 100% compliant. We look forward to announcing other markets around the country as they meet our 100% compliance standard.

“Once Portland and Seattle had fully implemented the program, we had leaders in other markets that were racing to be next. We currently have Baltimore and DC in the process. Our site leaders have realized just how much more in alignment they are with their clients by recycling. They’ve also found associates that are passionate about making a difference.”

-Jeff Johnson, Vice President of Operations and TowneGreen Chair




Towne Park Launches Account Level Recycling Initiative

Last year, Towne Park valet parked over 5,750,000 vehicles. With a 5-part valet ticket, that equates to approximately 28,751,605 pieces of paper. We estimate that’s 57.5 tons of paper waste we’ve placed into landfills across America just last year along. So, what can Towne Park do? RECYCLE!

Today, Towne Park launched an account level recycling initiative. It will be as easy as purchasing recycle bins at our 300+ locations and collaborating with the existing program at our sites. Towne Park’s Green Council is championing this initiative and we hope 80% of our locations will have ticket recycling programs in place starting early next year. Then, we plan to build the program to include other recycables.